The Sam Bankman-Fried Trial Is a Family Affair

CoinDesk reported:

Bankman portrayed himself “as the proverbial adult in the room” as he worked “alongside inexperienced fellow executive officers, directors and managers responsible for safeguarding billions of dollars,” the complaint says. He “received millions of dollars in unearned ‘gifts’ and real property, flew on privately-chartered jets, expensed $1,200 per night hotel stays to the FTX Group, and even appeared in a Super Bowl commercial with Seinfeld writer Larry David months before the FTX Group imploded,” prosecutors say. Fried, meanwhile, was the “single most influential advisor” to SBF/FTX’s political contributions campaign, repeatedly calling upon her son to give millions of dollars directly to a political action committee that she co-founded and for which she served as President and Chairwoman.

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